How many times have you either heard or said something like:

  • We wanted to hire a person of color, but there just aren't any in the pipeline?

  • Every time I try to see somebody about my physical or mental health, they don't seem to "get" me.

  • There just aren't any black people in Seattle?

  • How do I ask questions about race?

  • We know diversity is important, but we just can't seem to make any progress within our organization, community, and/or city?


To those statements and questions we say:

"We Out Here."

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Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion

Who’s Invited? You are. If you want to be at We Out Here we want you with us. We are committed to making this a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for everyone. Throughout the entire planning process we are asking:

  • Can this cause any physical, emotional, or mental harm?

  • Who does this exclude? How can we make this inclusive?

  • How to we make sure everyone is able to fully participate?

  • What don't we know and who would?

Amina Maya

Amina Maya

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