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Black & Thriving: African/American Perspectives on Mental Health

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Your Facilitator: John Guy

John Guy is a facilitator and psychotherapist with nearly 15 years of experience working at the nexus where individual and organizational psychologies meet the social conditioning of inequality, exclusion, power, privilege and difference. His passion is to assist businesses and organizations to achieve two primary goals: insight with regard to the presence and mechanics of oppression at individual, organizational and institutional levels; implementation of these insights into decision-making, policy and outreach. His approach is intersectional and stresses experience prior to theory. John has studied and practiced this work under the auspices of Matrixworks, LLC ( applying the science and understanding of living systems to organizational leadership and change; at the National Civic League ( through its work in visioning and strategic planning with municipalities; at Gender Equity and Reconciliation International ( applying a 3-day process of healing and reconciliation across the gender divide; and at Catholic Community Services of Western Washington ( assisting low income and homeless individuals gain access to housing, supportive services and counseling. John has facilitated groups in the United States, South Africa, and England. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Nevada and a Master's degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University. John has been a practitioner of Buddhism and meditation since 2005 and applies this spiritual practice to varying degrees in his work. He has a private psychotherapy practice working with couples and individuals in Seattle.